Printing a t-shirt

It is a few decades since I printed any fabric, apart from the odd t-shirt with transfer paper. Using my lino block to print a t-shirt seemed a good idea this morning. 

Lawrence’s Linseed Relief Ink is much nicer to print with than water-based stuff. I opened the skylight above the table, because people in my house dislike ink fumes. As I was about to place the block onto the shirt, a spider swung down from my fringe. A quick break to find a better place for the spider… did the cat come and rescue me? No. She sat on the stairs and made noises. 

After placing the block onto the shirt, I realised I hadn’t planned what to press down with. My toolbox is heavy, but didn’t seem heavy enough. I folded the sides of the t-shirt into a parcel around the block, put it on the floor and stood on it.

I used the rest of the ink to print a couple of paper posters. Cleaning up took place in the garden, in the sunshine. Here’s the moment before the white spirit tipped over onto my foot:

But the t-shirt might be OK

Update – post-election badges: