Lemon Meringue Pie

Not actually a pie, there’s no pastry.

I mixed a packet of lemon pie filling (mostly potato flour, cornflour etc) with half a pint of water but left out the egg yolk that the instructions suggested.

There was a jar of water left over from a can of chickpeas. I whisked the water with half a teaspoon of cream of tartar. I added caster sugar and continued to whisk.

The meringue spread nicely over the cooled lemon pie. Should it be baked or grilled? Various recipes suggested various methods and temperatures. Into the oven for a while. As there had been too much meringue I’d put spoonfuls of the mixture onto some baking parchment.

These were baked for a shorter time. They looked nice but were still wet inside… A minute of microwaving improved the texture.

The meringue on top of the pie was also watery inside. Grilling it didn’t help. Neither did microwaving, it exploded! I gathered the broken pieces and microwaved them. Lemon pie with chickpea meringue garnish?


Democracy – a system of government in which the sovereign power is vested in the people as a whole exercising power directly or by elected officials.

Democracy should mean power to the people, but somehow we have all chosen to give power to the wrong people. We are governed by a small group of people who are out of touch with our distant problems.
Our elected members have done very little to improve life in Pembrokeshire. They have consistently voted in line with their party policy rather than for the best interests of their constituents. Their actions have caused further cuts to our health board and they have helped to slowly eradicate any local educational opportunities.

Previously prorogued parliaments have been followed by military rule after beheading the monarch – the green party might disapprove of royalty but we’re not savages.

We need to save our environment, which is more important than any petty political shenanigans. I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news but Green Party policy is to look for a positive solution and for everyone to take practical action. Everyone has a skill to offer. Pembrokeshire has a great many worthy projects that are run by volunteers, when they should be properly funded.

There will be distractions such as tribal concerns or the media’s divide and rule tactics, it’s too late to bother with those. You can disagree with someone’s outlook but still achieve some level of common ground.

Do we need to be governed by impractical people that we would never seek advice from? No.

Let our elders and betters shut themselves down. Ideally parliament in its current form would never resume and we could save a vast amount of money and resources.