Protest banners should be light enough to carry while walking along, but heavy enough to stay upright and readable. This week’s ripstop on net banner is for the Hart Must Go! event.

It has a blue deer, symbolic of the local Tory MP. A hart is a deer, lacking the ‘e’ of an organ that pumps blood. The blue deer is being chased away by some red foxes. Local MP enjoys bloodsports so that’s a relevant theme. The general election is in December so this banner looks slightly festive.

But it’s too hard to understand! I know, I know, it shouldn’t need an explanation.

Yr Atom

In December 2016, the Welsh Art Therapists group got together for a day out in Carmarthen. They booked a room to make some lino prints at Yr Atom, a Welsh cultural centre which is based at the site of the Carmarthen Journal.

Printing in a newspaper office should be easy, you’d think. Unfortunately the room has been set out for vocal meetings, not for art making. We got around the lack of sink by putting some bowls of water ready for cleaning lino and rollers.

A nice quiet hour of transferring drawings to lino then cutting.

Then some printing. Was that Art Therapy? No.