Virtual vandalism

A screenshot from early August 2018. I added this photo of a linocut to google maps as a visual celebration of misunderstandings. At the time, the gallery was showing “‘Dim ond geiriau ydi iaith’ (Language is only words)”, with the theme of word and image. My “No Need to Understand Everything” print sort of fits in with that idea, but wouldn’t have fitted into that exhibition.

This link has an interesting explanation of the poem quoted above:

Mean spirited

MeanSpiritCriticism from a friend, in response to my suggestion that his recent work was less joyful than he’d described. He has worked much harder than me, obviously. But I wondered how it feels to make Art from someone else’s words. I like the idea of forgery, which was the subject of my Art college dissertation. So I experimented for a few minutes. Wrong paper, wrong colours, but it was enjoyable making this.

And here is a totally unoriginal work in progress. There isn’t much point continuing with it.