I’ve knitted a lot of hats. They disappear when needed. I thought the family cyclist should have a bright hat for any smidsy moments. The neon orange yarn I bought in the 1980s would be too painful alone, so pairing it with black stripes might be better. There again, a spiral could be interesting…

Black and orange spiralling

The Maths for this is easy in theory, moving each colour over by one stitch on every row. In practice I’ve had to stop and think occasionally. Knitting in the round usually involves spiralling upward, rather than the to & fro of two needles. This time, I have to remember to slip the first stitch of the colour, then pick it up on the return journey. There are obviously other methods but this is ok for the moment.


One of my first knitting experiments, from 1983(?). I liked drawing stuff on graph paper so designing the lettering was enjoyable. Knitting with a few colours became a tangled mess quite quickly. People still advise me to use the yarn from the centre of the ball so it won’t tangle or roll away.

I’ll probably unravel this knitted poetry now, it never became a jumper. Recently I’ve done some more stranded colours. The pale green stripe is not as yellow as the photographs suggest.