Red lettering on yellow card

I finished cutting a lino block for future birthday cards. At some point I felt the fine v tool go into the end of my finger. No blood, no pain until the following day. A week later a little v shaped scar has appeared!

After printing a few test copies I went out to deal with some weeds in the garden. It seemed a good idea to clean the green juice off the shears when I’d finished. I sliced a bit of thumb while scrubbing the blades, which caused lots of blood to leak everywhere – same shade as the ink used earlier. Maybe a risk assessment before attempting any further actions…


Which unfinished project have I been attending to, you ask? The Novel, obviously! While editing the numerous versions, I’ve been knitting a cardigan. It’s been unravelled and cast on again a few times but maybe the pattern makes sense at last…

I drew the pattern on squared paper, because I couldn’t follow the written version. Then I had to add colours to give a sense of which row etc.

Knitting chart with tea stains

Can’t see the leaves for the stitches(?)


One of my first knitting experiments, from 1983(?). I liked drawing stuff on graph paper so designing the lettering was enjoyable. Knitting with a few colours became a tangled mess quite quickly. People still advise me to use the yarn from the centre of the ball so it won’t tangle or roll away.

I’ll probably unravel this knitted poetry now, it never became a jumper. Recently I’ve done some more stranded colours. The pale green stripe is not as yellow as the photographs suggest.