1000 Years of Traditional Crafts

I returned to Lincoln at the end of September 2012, to take part in the Heritage Crafts weekend. The Museum of Lincolnshire Life has a Columbian press. Visitors were very interested by the over-decorated machine, and to see the press in action. My assistant was a Master printer, who used to bring bits of type home. Never let children play with little metal letters, they’ll be addicted forever.

Photographs here: http://flic.kr/s/aHsjCmQghr


Over the two days, it transpired that lots of people have done a little bit of printing at school. They have rarely had an opportunity to have another go.

The most frequently asked question was: “Why place the paper onto the inked block, when it looks easier to print the block face down onto flat paper?”.  Answer: Ink seeps down into the engraved lines. Turning the wet block over would result in a splashy inkiness around the edges of the print. Also, any white lines would be filled in – a few hours’ worth of cutting obliterated(!).

We could only think of rubber stamps and potato cuts being printed that way.

Columbian relief press
The Columbian printing press at The Museum of Lincolnshire Life

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