Too many times over the last few decades. Here’s the usual pattern:

Somebody needs a poster design. It must have certain images and text. There is one typeface that must be used. You’re allowed to arrange these elements creatively. When it’s finished it must be submitted to somebody else for approval. Basically they only need relevant dates, times and venue added to some pictures.

They aren’t sure which dates, they’ll let you know soon. Somebody else asks in a group chat if the poster is ready yet. You say it only needs the date information then it’ll be finished.

Somebody asks when will the poster be finished. You remind them that you need the info to finish it. They say they’ll get back to you.

Somebody else’s husband has offered to help as you’re taking too long. You send them the artwork. They ask somebody to ask you to send them the artwork. You remind them that you’ve already sent it and it could have been completed if you’d had the dates to add. Somebody else asks for the artwork. Three times. She claims not to have received it but strangely the resulting poster has an identical layout to the one you made.

Somebody else gets lots of praise for the poster after her husband has added the dates and times.

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