This morning I saw the Women’s Arts Association had shared a BBC article about an “art stunt” in Manchester.
Further reading took me to the Manchester Evening News. Their interview with the artists was more enlightening: “The cashier only allowed us 24 jars” (Two bodies covered in jam, a camper battery, a power inverter, toaster and toast. 11 am busy street) won’t be their last performance.
Artists Riikka Enne and Sophia Moffa took to the city centre to present their latest ‘happening’ to the people of Manchester.
The reactions of the workers, shoppers, commuters and police officers who encountered the duo have all formed part of their artwork. In fact, even this article is part of the happening.

I’m impressed that naked people can eat toast and jam in a city centre without being molested. More impressed when considering Manchester has a bee as its symbol.
Is it Art? Did the artists bake the bread for the toast? Did they grow the fruit to make the jam? Does jam-making cut out the need for the cashier mentioned in their event title?
So many questions. The audience presumably enjoyed the happening, maybe they all went on to spend the rest of the day in a performance…
As an art student I made body prints from similar events, not in the street though. Does an art event need proof that it happened?
Read their tale of studio hunting, remember art needs space:

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